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Research – Genealogy South Africa

Research – Genealogy South Africa

tree-woodland familyI am a professional South African genealogist with over 25 years of experience and  I was the official genealogy researcher on the popular T.V. series in the South African version of ”Who do you think you are?

In the 1990?s I was the founder of the Cape Town Family History Society as well as two Rootsweb Mailing Lists. I also assisted Professor Robert Shell in putting together his mammoth database of Changing Hands and I spent the day helping excavate human remains from the Prestwich Street Cemetery in Green Point in 2004. I was also the business manager of the Naspers / Media24 website for 9 years until it was  sold in 2013 to where those records will be transferred to.
I have worked on several international celebrity family trees including the likes of Hugh Grant who has South African Family Roots.
Do you need help in your Family History researched n South Africa or are you looking for a private Family History Researcher in South Africa who  can help you ?
Genealogy and Family History Research in South Africa is my passion and speciality.
Genealogical Research South Africa

Genealogical Research South Africa

My expertise offers research mainly from:

  • Cape Town Archives
  • Master of the High Court in Cape Town
  • Pretoria Archives
  • Pietermaritzburg Archives
These include death notices, wills and liquidation and distribution accounts.
  •  1989 Voters Roll
  • Education Records
  • 1820 Settler Records
  • German Immigrants
  • British Immigrants
  • Early Cape British History
  • Cape Slavery
  • Who’s Who book collection 1907 – 2007 (once off searches done for an hourly rate)
  • Dutch Reformed Church Records
  • Anglican Church Records of the Cape
  • Maitland Cemetery Records
  • Property Deeds Searches
I also draw up pedigree, descendant and ascendant charts which are provided in PDF format for printing.
High quality digital photographs are provided with results where possible as well as a written report.
Are you interested in your “Stamboom in South Africa. your genealogy in South Africa or your Family tree in South Africa?
Before you engage in private research you will need to furnish me with the following details:
  1. Have you used a private researcher before? If so please provide evidence of findings as well as the researchers name as she does not want to repeat unnecessary research.
  2. Why do you want  this research done? Is it purely for interest? Adoption?, medical reasons, family rumour, visa or immigration reasons,or long lost relatives?
  3. Costs: These differ considerably from researcher to researcher and there is no hard and fast rule as to what the charges will be and nor is there a governing body that oversees them. When paying a researcher it is important to remember that you are not paying for the information as most of it is in the public domain but you are paying for there time, petrol, photocopying, parking, emails etc.
  4. Remember that you will be required to pay generally 50% upfront and the rest on completion.
  5. It is important to remember that a researcher will not always be able to find what you are looking for – if there are no records for your ancestors then there are none. Don’t expect a researcher to provide you with a family tree going back to Adam and Eve, most families are lucky enough to have recorded documentation going back 100 years – more than that you are very lucky.

What I need from you:

  • Copies of all existing documents that you already have such as birth, baptism, marriage death etc for the main person you are wanting to research, if available,
  • Either a GEDCOM file of your family tree or a simply tree drawn by you showing who’s who – if possible please?
  • 50% deposit on start of investigation and 50% on completion

Please note  that all research done is kept in strict confidence between me and the client and your information will not be shared and given to anyone or any website.

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